Saturday, March 12, 2011


In any public examination, for a particular subject, same group of candidates are given same set of questions. The maximum mark that can be obtained is the same for everybody.
But God is a different type of examiner.
He distributes each one a different question paper.
The questions are based on what is already given to each one.
He asks for the number of talents one has increased when one was given ten talents.
To the one who is given five talents, the question is with a different tone and expected answer also is accordingly.

St Paul in his letter to the Romans says, "God will give each one his due, according to his action."

In the same track, 10,000 meter race and 800 meter race are conducted. I cannot stop after completing 800 meters if I am supposed to run 10,000 meters. Similarly, I should not run 800 meters in the same pace I run 10,000 meters.

On Christians, expectations are more. On religious, expectations are much more. Furthermore is the expectations on all those who are specially talented.

St Paul adds, "There will be suffering and anguish for everyone committing evil, first the Jew, then the Greek. i.e., now, first the Christians, then the rest."
A person who is called to a priest, a religious, has to rethink what he is doing.
Is it according to the expectations?
Is he truly a spokesperson of Christ and the Church?
"For, everyone will be judged by his conscience."

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