Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Being Wanted

What is the greatest happiness one can have in life?
Is it money, food, sex or power?
Money's value diminishes
Food's taste is short-lived
Sex leads to frustration
Power powers to hatred
None of these lasts forever.
One who lays trust in any of these has a universal name: FOOL.

What is the greatest happiness one can have in life?
A moment of being wanted.
Tes, the feeling of being wanted.
A moment of giving.
Yes, the act of giving.
These differentiate the HAPPY from the FOOL.
In the last couple of months, 
I have been happier than ever.
I have the feeling of being wanted.
Being wanted by knowledge-seekers,
Is an amazing feeling.
Oh! I can feel it.

I can't think of a session without some of you*.
You make me better.
Although I cook the same,
Like every time a mother cooks
the most delicious food for her children.
But I am getting the 'unlikely' response,
Of these magnificent ones
And that makes me feel better.
Oh! I can feel it.

O God!
What a happy person I am!
Help me serve better.
Help me feel more wanted,
Even at the cost of every loss in this world.
Supply me with knowledge seekers
To whom I can offer my life.
Enkindle me, a candle,
To be melted to the last dust of the wax
For these great ones given to me.

*My most vibrant and ever-responsive PhD scholars....

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