Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

An Elevator is a very small room where you live with others for few seconds.
Are you happy with the life in this tiny room?
To feel comfortable in your elevator experience and to make others feel comfortable, follow these tips:

  • Take the stairs to your destination if it is one or two floors only, up or down. 
  • Allow others to exit the elevator before you attempt to enter.
  • On entry, stand close to the walls of the lift. Do not block the way for others.
  • Wait briefly to accommodate anyone running to take the elevator.
  • Give preference to staff and any one elderly.
  • Give others their personal space in an uncrowded elevator.


  • Do not block the way while entering or exiting.
  • Behave responsibly while inside the elevator.
  • Press the button for your desired floor only.
  • Avoid crowded lift if you are feeling unwell. Minimize coughing or sneezing while in the lift.
  • Don’t hold up the lift for long for your friend or colleague to come in.
  • Do not draw or scratch on the walls of the elevator.
  • Do not litter the lifts.
  • Do not eat or drink or carry food in the lift.
  • Do not use cellphones, or any electronic gadget while inside the elevator.
  • Refrain from talking loudly in the elevator.
  • Do not stare at others
  • Do not break wind
Finally, the most important thing is 

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