Sunday, July 31, 2016

God of Imperfections

Reflections on John 9:3: Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

Quite often, one is shell-shocked at facing adversities. Terrorist attacks, calamities, accidents etc. are mostly unanswerable. Why did God send all these?

Can God be a better one?
Human beings are not perfect.
Our helplessness in many situations are clear indications that all of us are also not perfect.
Blindness is one type of imperfection.
Physical illness, disabilities, abilities, poverty, richness, appetite, hunger, you say anything, we can find imperfections in abundance.
Our communication using this medium itself is another display of our imperfection.
If the world or human beings are full of imperfections, what is perfection?
If you believe in God, you know that God is perfection.
Sometimes people are gifted with faith in God.
Sometimes people crave for perfection and reach God.
Sometimes people pretend to be faithful. But at an opportunity, one may switch side. It's once again, another testimony of imperfection.

God is not in need of us.  That is why God is perfect.
However, if you need to attain perfection you need to go in the path of God.
One of the methods is prayer.
Through prayers, one can attain spiritual and physical perfection.
Asking God for cure was a prayer. The case of the blind mentioned in John 9.
Why then God created imperfections?
Once if you are aware of yourself, you will come to know that we are not endowed with the mind of God. Then, how do we know that why God created me like me?

How God created the other like the other?
The only answer is that it is to live in this world and meet me, my friend, my foe etc.. and live with them.
Let's live. Let's ask for blessings, if we want. If we have extra, give to others who are in need of that...

For those who are not believing in God; God is still perfect. But those people also believe in their ideologies, their partners, their children, their

security guards, their vehicles etc.
These are minor forms of faith. Gradually they will reach God, once when they realize the invitation of God to be perfect.
Have the humility. Then, one can gradually realize how better God can be experienced.
Those miracles may not be recorded in any scriptures. But, it will be recorded in oneself.

Many of of us are imperfect. So am I. But I know that my God is perfect. I work towards achieving that perfection. That is the moment, I loose my blindness completely.
Then, it's no more Joseph. It's God only.
Jesus showed this through His life.
That Jesus of the Bible is the best example for undue and innocent suffering; answer to all imperfections in the world.
Do not worry, leave the matter to itself if we do not understand something.
In the right time we will understand everything perfectly. Keep asking, we will be answered.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Prayer of a Teacher

God give me students who are challenging,  demanding and engaging...
Challenging all that can challenge them...
Demanding always freedom from the bondage of learning...
Engaging in stuffs that can disengage them from reaching heights...
Let my students have functions of blaming all that can fame them...
Let them oscillate between unwanted things or at least diverge but never converge...
Let them continue to be discontinuous essentially....
Let them derive the joy of being constant...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Coconut can carry Keralam to heights...

In the budget of the government of Keralam, there was a proposal to have five per cent levy on coconut oil. It is estimated to fetch Rs. 150 crore for the exchequer. Although, this proposal is sharply criticized by many, it is a clever move to encash the growing demand for coconut oil in Keralam. It also boosts the price of the coconut indirectly, thereby helping the coconut farmers. Keralam has great potency in converting its rare natural gift, the coconut tree, to which it owes its name (Keralam – Land of Kera (coconut) Tree). It is very strange to note that on the streets of Chennai, one has to pay Rs. 40 for a non-tasty tender coconut. A concerted effort from the various government agencies can create huge coconut money in Keralam. Here are some suggestions to have new directions in the coconut-promotion.

  1. Promotion of coconut as the cause of the name of the state of Keralam.
  2. Expand the activities of the Coconut Development Corporation to every ward of every local body.
  3. Identify and honour the oldest coconut in each ward.
  4. Insurance cover for each coconut.
  5. Promotion of Coconut Tree Adoption.
  6. Soaps including tax cut for Coconut Farmers.
  7. Freely distribute coconut saplings to the students.
  8. Studies of Coconut should be inserted in the curricula.
  9. Manual Coconut Plucking should be declared as a highly skilled and risky job.
  10. Tax-cuts for hotels and restaurants that use coconut oil.
  11. Introduction of Coconut-Week Celebrations.
  12. Promotion of Coconut preservation programmes.
  13. Introduce tax for other imported oils.
  14. For lamps used in government functions, coconut oil only should be used.
  15. Preference for coir products in the government offices.
  16. Attractive and early pension schemes for the Coconut Plucking labourers.
  17. Regular broadcasting of advertisements, songs etc. promoting Coconut.
  18. Regular promotional activities on the medicinal effect of coconut oil.
  19. Endowment for Coconut Research.
  20. Establishment of Coconut Research institutes in every Assembly constituency.
  21. Promoting handicrafts from coconut shell.
  22. Thin coir string is to used for all office needs.
  23. Research Centers and Chairs in all Universities in Keralam.
  24. Avoid all drinks except water, tender coconut, the processed non-alcoholic drinks from coconut in all government offices and functions.
  25. Promotion of Coconut “apple.” 
  26. Copra-based sweets, biscuits, fast-food, Tiffin etc. may be promoted with tax cuts.
  27. Awards for coconut farmers.
  28. Short-films and pamphlets in the promotion of coconut.
  29. Special welfare schemes for workers in all types coconut mills.
  30. Promotion of start-ups in the area of Coconut-related industry.
  31. Climbing on coconut tree should be included as a competitive sports event.
  32. Promote developing more dwarf-coconut varieties.
  33. Promote machines for coconut plucking and processing.

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