Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ants in my room

Ants are organized insects.
They march in a line
beside a wall or on a natural line
thus always taking a path the shortest.
They commute between their nest and lust.
They greet everyone on the move.
They make way for everyone on the move.
On their way, no one they ever hit.
Some take quick diversions for quicker surveys
and then join back to the line.
For, if they miss the line, they die in pain.
On their diversions they find items new.
The surveyors survey the new items taking time
Until they're back taking longer paths but in time.
Back in the line they communicate
the fresh discovery and the fresh mandate.
Surveyors continue to move ahead
Not claiming their role in the discovery.
Antenna to antenna, the news is spread
by rants and chants, to reach the discovery.
One, two, three, five, eight, thirteen...
The new found item is surrounded.
Discussion, Planning, Execution...
Even an elephant is sliced and carried.

Workers work. Surveyors survey.
Ants continue to work until their last sleep.
Ants don't starve since they work.
Ants aren't obese since they work.
Ants don't complain since they work.
Ants aren't alone since they work.
Ants work in group for the group.
They worked yesterday.
They work now and tomorrow
as they rest only for their final rest.
Ants aren't idle
and they find no reason to be idle.
Night or day, they work
as they work in group.
Dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
ants work until they reach their dusk.
Ants work until they work no more.

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