Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Sound of Cry

Why do we cry?
When we're sad,
Or when glad?
Shy, after we cry?
When we're floppy,
Or when happy?
A wet cry for a debt.
A dry cry for a doubt.
We cry at a loss,
At a toss or pass.
A shy cry at times
A wry cry some times.
A cry for a gain,
A cry for a pain.
A cry in vain,
A cry in bane.
Cry washes pain,
Ashes gain.
Cry vanishes
And banishes bane.
A cry in pain
Is a rain in the dry.
Drops of tears
Are hopes of flair.
Cry in silence
Is a cry of sacrifice.
Cry sends
signals of pains.
Cry cleanses
the stains of lives.
Tears form deluge
that tears life apart.
Fear of tears is part
of life of fears and tears.
Cry in, cry out
Cry in need.
A child cries in need
The old cries of deed.
Mother knows
when a child cries,
For why it cries.
When mother cries,
Even her eyes know not.
The cry of the old
Is fun for the less old.
But for the old
any cry is a cry.

One cries at birth
Others cry at death.
The wise cries under cover
The wicked in open.
The wise cries for solutions
The wicked for problems.
Cry is the end of reason
Cry ends reason
Cry comes from many things
Cry goes to many things.
From where it comes
To where it goes,
Not even the wisest knows.

A deep cry leads to solutions
A shallow cry to re-cries.
Origin of cry?
Cry begins before the cry.
Cry ends before the end.
What is it?
Cry needs a trigger
Cry takes both the eyes.
Cry is not one-eyed
Am I the trigger of a cry?
Woe to me, if so!
Can I stop a cry?
Bliss to me, always!
Listen to cries
To the cry within
To the cry outside
To the cry everywhere.

What is cry?
A primitive feeling
But perfected too.
Cry is an expression
of a pressing matter
expressed through
the press of the precious eyes
creating symmetric streams
of the cleanest water
yet the hardest,
by an unknown chemical reaction
from a mysterious source
for a finite time
submerging even the mightiest.
It converted the strong,
melted the hard,
felled the valiant and
stopped the villains.
It's mysterious.
It's hysteric, delirious
And nefarious
Although it's melodious.

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