Friday, September 11, 2020

Life as a teacher

What a great life it is!
I know not how long I live
No one knows it too.

Indeed, it's a great life
I know not how long it lasts
No one lasts long too.

To read, to write, to speak
I exist, but with no claims,
No one thought I could.

I read, I wrote, I spoke
To some fine souls
No one knows but I.

This time, my time, is
Finer than ever, than
Anyone else imagines.

It is not the longer life,
But a long teaching life,
God, grant me for you.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Being Wanted

What is the greatest happiness one can have in life?
Is it money, food, sex or power?
Money's value diminishes
Food's taste is short-lived
Sex leads to frustration
Power powers to hatred
None of these lasts forever.
One who lays trust in any of these has a universal name: FOOL.

What is the greatest happiness one can have in life?
A moment of being wanted.
Tes, the feeling of being wanted.
A moment of giving.
Yes, the act of giving.
These differentiate the HAPPY from the FOOL.
In the last couple of months, 
I have been happier than ever.
I have the feeling of being wanted.
Being wanted by knowledge-seekers,
Is an amazing feeling.
Oh! I can feel it.

I can't think of a session without some of you*.
You make me better.
Although I cook the same,
Like every time a mother cooks
the most delicious food for her children.
But I am getting the 'unlikely' response,
Of these magnificent ones
And that makes me feel better.
Oh! I can feel it.

O God!
What a happy person I am!
Help me serve better.
Help me feel more wanted,
Even at the cost of every loss in this world.
Supply me with knowledge seekers
To whom I can offer my life.
Enkindle me, a candle,
To be melted to the last dust of the wax
For these great ones given to me.

*My most vibrant and ever-responsive PhD scholars....

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