Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tree - Marvel of God's Creation

Trees, trees, trees everywhere...
Some of the most beautiful things on earth.
Tree is like a courageous woman.
The hottest of the rays of the sun and
The sharpest of the radiations of all kind,
It blocks and stands straight looking up to the heavens
Glorious and majestic, is its courage and steadfastness
Fearless before the thunder and lightning,
It keeps the severest summer at bay
And it gives shade to the needy and to the woodcutter,
Asylum to the wandering birds, lovely parrots and beastly vultures,
Fruit to the hungry and to the greedy, alike.
Tree is like a beautiful woman.
Leaves display its modesty.
Seasons transforms it like a beautiful Rajastani girl.
Like a mother, it cares every leaf of it in a unique way.
Its roots search for water from the furthest places,
Like a woman of a tropical climate.
Light from the sun and water from the remotest places,
It converts as food to its parts.
Tree is like a bold and beautiful woman,
Who is loving and caring, silent but attending
In rain, it is most beautiful...
Showers clean up its leaves, branches and trunk,
And then it stands like a shy girl.
Drops of rain giggle her
And when it drops raindrops, alive is the hope of life.
Tree, you are great.....
You are a marvel among creations...

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