Thursday, December 03, 2020

Tips for writing regularly

It is wonderful to write. It is even wonderful to write on a regular manner. Here are some tips to make writing as a habit.

#Tip 1

Computer and Internet can wait: Write in a paper using a pencil without looking at a computer or using the internet.

#Tip 2

Develop a skeleton for each day.

#Tip 3

Focus on some keywords.

#Tip 4

One day at a time.

#Tip 5

Include a minimum of three new words.

#Tip 6

Aim a sentence of 11 words at a time.

#Tip 7

An explanation is not a luxury.

#Tip 8

Infuse positivity in writing by intentionally inserting pleasant words.

#Tip 9

Email what you have written, to some of your best friends.

#Tip 10

Believe in yourself. You are an excellent writer.

Develop a skeleton for each day

One has to develop one's own habit of writing. One important  characteristic of habit is that one may not realize what one does in a hab...