Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quest for Conscience

To sneer at love is true unnatural crime.
But Lata chose Haresh not Malati finally.
Yes, to sneer at true love is true unnatural crime;
For, neither crime is natural nor love is criminal.

What is true love?
In those syllables that never reach two,
Base all the fables of our good life.
Can it be the chemistry between any two?

‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ says the prophet at seven.
Is adultery natural? Is adultery unnatural?
Print a dictionary if you want it natural,
Paint a Pictionary that sounds even.

Love is patient, says the Apostle whose Master
Says to forgive not seven times but seventy seven.
‘Go with the order of nature’
Thus spake three seventy seven.

Conscience senses true nature.
A constitution that is blind to conscience
Never constitutes a constitution that protects true nature
And remains blind to conscience.

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