Tuesday, February 14, 2017

​Lessons learnt from here and there

1. Power and Wealth are not the last words

J Jayalalithaa was a powerful Chief Minister. She was a powerful person in life. Nobody could stand straight in her presence.
However, during the last several months of her life, she was undergoing severe suffering. It was more than one can get from an Indian prison for politicians. Many belive that she was killed by her own people. It is worse than capital punishment. Her power and wealth couldn't save her life from an unnatural mysterious death... Her death was not like any of the endings of her films.
It's a lesson to learn. Let us do good things. Even if we suffer, then there is a merit in it.

2. Judge not

What lesson can we learn from these persons?
1. Justice John Michael Cunha found some people guilty.
2. Justice C R Kumaraswamy acquitted them.
3. Justices P C Ghose and Amitava Roy annulled the acquittal.

Logically, all the above judgements are not true. Hence, who is the real culprit: a criminal or one who misuses the power to help criminals escape and crimes to flourish?
We are helpless when we heard their judgments of naming white black, then black white and then white black.
Justice delayed is justice denied. Similarly judgement leaked is judgement sneaked. An influenced judgement is a crime...

3. Succession plan is a myth

No leader paves way for another leader as leadership is one of the most enjoyable pleasure. It is way above money and sex. One who enjoys power will never think of someone else stepping into one's shoes. Successor emerges by successful strategies.

4. India is a land of wonders

Here in our motherland,

  • A person of humble origin can be the emperor one day. Royalty is not mandatory to success.
  • Human beings venerate and respect non-human beings and inanimate things more than human beings themselves.
  • One can the richest in the land by theft alone.
  • One can live in a prison but still can enjoy freedom. One is free, but still can be someone's captive.
  • We convert prison to a spa and a spa to a prison.
  • It is strange to see that the MPs and MLAs who are elected by people by secret ballot have no right to elect their leader by secret ballot.
  • Spiritual leaders can convert water to wine, urine to saccharin, ash to cash and shit to asset.

5. We are not extraordinary

Our memory is weak. Our actions can be influenced. We are a people who can be easily provoked and many a time misguided. It has antecedents in the history.

Brutus was a hero. After a few hours he became a zero. People turned against him.
Jesus was a hero. After a few days he became a zero. People crucified him.

Sasikala was a hero. After a few months she became a zero.
There are many other heroes here. After a few years they surely will become zeros.

Individually all of us are brilliant and intelligent. Collectively, I am not sure what we are...

Saturday, February 04, 2017

I am a born teacher

I love teaching; for
the taught to have thoughts
the nots to have notes
the sought to be wrought.
Can I be a teacher?
When I have 
the right thoughts
of the knowledge about 
the thing of things;
the right notes
of the ones 
who walked ahead,
who flow with me and
who race behind;
wrought myself
of the unformed clay
who wanted to be unformed
who wants to be untouched and
who loves the status quo,
I am a teacher.
I am a born teacher
as everyone born is a student.

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