Monday, September 07, 2015

Before I became a Teacher

Before I became a Teacher never I knew

That sleeping in the class disturbs
The teaching of the teacher.
That talking in the class makes
The teacher shouting in the class.
That not scribbling in the class augments
The degrading of the student.
That correcting the answer scripts is tougher
Than attempting all the questions.
That questioning the answers is harder
Than answering the questions.
That coming late for the class is worse
Than not attending the class.
That absenting in the class is worse
Than not joining for the course.
That photocopying is the greatest insult
That a teacher can ever bear.
That helping a fellow student learn is
The second greatest insult to a teacher.
That teaching is the noblest profession
When all your students become teachers.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Teacher I adore and Fear...

First impression is the best
But he proved me wrong, my trust
By being different, still a good teacher
Never roamed behind us like a preacher
Fills my eyes with few tears
As I give my ears when he is sad and cares
And he sends deep in me shivers
When he is angry and brings in my fears
Still he tries his best to put me in front
Although we never succeed, he didn't grit
Waiting, giving us our needed space
Putting us equally with the race
Also makes me admire his knowledge
Which through his words clearly acknowledges
Am sure greater heights are awaiting
To celebrate his humble lovely teaching
He is my teacher whom I adore
But fears put me back far from his doors
Doors of wisdom that is open to all
Spread even if no inner voice gives a call.

On the height of my self-doubt, given to me by one of my students unexpectedly on the Teacher's Day of 2015.

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