Friday, July 27, 2012

The Weeks of Qaita

'The Weeks of Qaita' is one of the nine seasons in the Liturgical Year of the Mar Toma Nazrani Church.

The Syriac term Qaita means “Summer.” It is during Summer that the grains and fruits ripen and mature. The Weeks of Qaita are the weeks of the celebration of the maturity and fruitfulness of the Church. It is a season of plentiful harvest for the Church. It does not imply the physical environment of the Church. The fruits of the Church are that of Holiness and Martyrdom. While the sprouting and infancy of the Church was celebrated in 'the Weeks of the Apostles,' her development in different parts of the world by reflecting the image of the heavenly Kingdom and giving birth to many saints and martyrs are proclaimed during this season.

On the first Sunday of the Weeks of Qaita, which in fact marks the end of the Weeks of the Apostles, the Church celebrates the feast of the twelve Apostles, who are the foundations of the Church. Fridays of this Season are set apart for honouring Saints and Martyrs. Mar Jacob of Nisibus, Mar Addai and Mar Mari, Marth Simoni and her Seven Children, Mar Simon Bar Sabbai and Friends, and Sahada Mar Quardag are remembered on various Fridays. One of the most important celebrations in the Liturgical Year, the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord usually falls within this Season. The eschatological dimension of the History of Salvation is celebrated in this great Feast. The Season of Qaita demands from us a life of holiness and spiritual maturity as it was in the lives of the Apostles.
(Mar Thomma Margam by Fr Varghese Pathikulangara CMI)

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