Monday, April 18, 2011

Sixth Friday of the Great Fast

Genesis 19:26-30
Joshua 22:10-20
Romans 15:1-13
John 11:1-45

The Divine Plan is revealed from time to time. To be exact, it is understood to the mortals from time to time. Our God is not a dictator who imposes everything on the mortals. At least since the creation of human beings this is true. God is ready to ‘change’ His plans with the request of the just. God is forced to ‘change’ His plans with the wrongdoings of the unjust. The destruction of Sodom is an example to understand the heart of Yahweh. Sodom was not created for destroying. God does not create anything for destroying. Sodomites invited curse and total destruction. Yahweh was forced to change His plans on Sodom and destroyed it completely because of the cry for justice against it! But, even after such a hard decision being taken by Yahweh, He was ready to change it at the request of His beloved, Abraham. He kept on heeding to the bargains of Abraham and decided at the request of him. But Sodom welcomed self-destruction by their actions. Even at this massive destruction, God remembered Abraham and hence saved Lot and his family. Our God is a God with a tender heart.

Faith in God is primarily an individual responsibility. But it has a community aspect also. Every faith community has a role in keeping the members together. The response of Israelites to the action of the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh is a justified one. Community as a whole must make sure that everyone is waking in the Way. In this era of increasing migrations in many forms, the Mar Toma Nasranis should take initiatives like the Israelites to bring back their brethren who deflected from true faith.

Paul wants us to be strong and liberated and hence to help the weak. When each one is strong and liberated, the community is strong and liberated. Once each community is strong and liberated, the whole world is strong and liberated. A world which is strong in praising in one voice God, Father of Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit is the liberated world.

Jesus did what his Father wanted to do. Jesus did how his Father wanted to do. Jesus did how his Father did things. With a tender heart, Jesus restores Lazarus back to life. Jesus as a man was risking His life in doing so. By giving life He surrendered His life. Yahweh was there to help Lot because of His attachment to Abraham. A true believer can truly ‘change’ the heart of God. He can truly experience the tender heart of God. Jesus did the impossible because of His attachment to Lazarus and his family.

Great Fast is a season to experience the tenderness of Yahweh’s heart !

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