Sunday, May 26, 2013

Message to the Graduating Students of Christ University May 2013

Jesus after his resurrection delivered a convocation address. After training his disciples for three years, he addressed them saying, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15).  At this glorious moment, when you are brimming with joy and happiness, when your parents are in elated mood of fulfilment and when your dear and near ones are proud of you, we sent you the entire world. We sent you to the world with a mission. It is a mission to spread the good news you have heard from this alma mater.

You are chosen ones from various parts of the world. Several young ones of your age hoped to study in Christ University. Only a section of them could apply to the University. Among those who applied, all could not turn up for the selection procedure. From among them, only those like you could prove the credentials and potentials to become students of Christ University. Again, not all those who started with you could graduate today. This is a wonderful message to your future life. The process through which you passed through for the last couple of years is a blue print for your life. The lectures you listened to, the classes you attended, the tests you had taken, the assignments you submitted, the people with whom you interacted with and who interacted with you, have all prepared you to this glorious moment. But they are not just for this moment. It is for your life. Your dreams have come true today. But, you are only at the beginning of your bright future ahead. Your dreams are not over. You should have more and more dreams from today. Dreams for a successful life, for a peaceful world, for a united humanity and for a stable family life.

Christ University has given you ample of opportunities for your holistic development. The training given and opportunities you grabbed, made you to this august graduation ceremony. As you are graduates of Christ University, you will always bear the signs of this University. You have the potentials to be excellent. You must serve others with grace. The vision of the University, Excellence and Service and the tag “Christite” will help you to cast out sadness in others, to speak in golden tongue, to overcome difficult tasks, to mantle tough responsibilities and to work miracles in the lives of others.

The visionary of this institution had a great hope of combining secular and sacred education. Your professors have fulfilled that vision with a mission of training you with and to have faith in God. They trained you to be socially responsible and morally upright. You sometimes had gone through some struggles during your studies here. But it is the same struggle, diamond or gold has, before becoming an attractive jewel. You are precious stones. Same as precious stones make the owner rich, proud and happy, you make the people around you rich, proud and happy by involving in socially responsible tasks and morally upright ways.

Be other-oriented in this largely self-centred world. You can expect a corruption-free nation, only if you are also corruption-free. Corruption is the after effect of self-centredness. It is the outcome of selfishness. The practise of one of the core values of the University, love of fellow beings, should be motivation for you to be other-oriented. When you start loving others, when you have other-oriented life, this world will be a corruption-free world.

Your pursuit of excellence does not end with graduation. Your real journey begins here. A beautiful piece of advice given by St Paul to his disciples is very apt here. “Conduct yourselves wisely toward outsiders, making the most of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone.”(Col 4:5-6). Have a great life ahead!

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