Friday, December 30, 2016


I fear.
I fear the fear.
Fear - a spanning feeling of this year.
I fear to remember this year.
Fear of power.
I fear my power
For the fear of losing it.
I fear the powerless
For the fear of them gaining it.
From powerlessness I powered to power.
I used this. I used that.
I stamped over this. I tampered with that.
I fear all those whom and which I used, stamped over and tampered with.
I fear the existence of all those.
I am  in a spree to stop all those gaps.
The gaps I used to rise to the power.
The gaps I used to wrest the power.
Gaps are gaps.
Gaps are void.
They are black.
I am on a mission to fill the gaps,
Hoping to turn the black to the white.
I need to stop the gaps to drive my fear away.
But, is the opposite of black, white?
Is the opposite of white, black?
Woe to me!
The trap of the binary, I fell into.
The power of fear will grapple me.
The fear of power will topple me.
O man, count the moments
As the lies and lines will fade away.
"Put up thy sword into its place,
For all they that use the fear shall perish with the fear."
Thus spake, the lord of fearlessness.

The Certain Uncertainties of Life

Is life binary?
Between the known and unknown,
Do we restrict ourselves?
Is the known fully known?
Are all the unknowns completely unknowns?
Is life struggling between Yes and No?
The passage from the unknown to the known,
Is a passage from the known to the unknown.
The more we know, the more we know not.
Yes is a No and No is an Yes.
Is life n-ary?
I doubt, doubt and doubt the doubt.
Life is a sequence of the knowns and the unknowns,
And the unknowns and the knowns,
And the knowns and the knowns,
Partial and partially partial,
Separated by commas, exclamations, question marks and hyphens.
Of course, within the unavoidable ruthless margins, it blossoms.
Am I missing something?
Am I avoiding something?
Yes, I must accept the stops,
They give meaning to the commas.
Right, the margins and full-stops,
The frames and periods,
Protect us from the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns.
It is life.
Life is continuous, yet discrete.
It is discretely continuous.
It is continuously discrete.
Hang on…
No place for any conundrums.
Bang on, it is sagaciously!

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