Saturday, September 01, 2012

Weeks of Elijah-Sliba

Weeks of Elijah-Sliba is the seventh season in the liturgical year of the Syro Malabar Church. It is the feast of the exaltation of the Holy Cross, that decides the setting of this season.  The Holy Cross is the Sacrament of Risen Jesus. It is the living icon of the transfiguration which should be the goal of every faithful. Elijah was with Jesus at Mount Tabor at the time of His Transfiguration.  There is a belief in the Church, right from the first centuries, that Elijah would appear before the Second Coming of Jesus and he would make dispute with the son of perdition and make public his errors, and after that glorious Cross would appear.

Anticipation of the heavenly life is the central theme of this season. When we participate in the liturgical celebrations of this season, when we see the Holy Cross, we should have same the feeling of the Apostles at the Mount Tabor. The prayers and rites of this season are to make us convinced of the final realities such as the end of this world, the end of earthly life, the judgement, heaven or hell etc. These final realities should help one from the bitter fruits of sin. It should create repentant hearts in us. The exalted Holy Cross is the most important symbol which expresses the real value of Christian suffering. We should believe in the promise that those who suffer with Jesus will be raised with Him to share his glorious life.

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