Sunday, September 04, 2016

What type of a teacher am I?

Am I gentle enough to treat my students gently?

Am I guiding my students through the adventurous path of learning,
Because learning is a war between ignorance and wisdom,
Because learning is a tragedy for the ego,
Because true learning is the sorrowful departure of the ignorant self?

Am I helping my students to acquire faith, love and courage
Because life is to be lived successfully like that of conquering continents?
Am I training them to face the flip side of the harsh realities of the world?
Does my training help my students to be optimistic
To see that there are also friends, heroes and dedicated leaders in the world?

Am I helping my students to earn from their sweat?

Am I transferring the wisdom to accept
That failures are honorable,
That losses are graceful and
That tears are glittering
Instead of cheats and undeserving wins?

When they are really sad,
did I make my students laugh?
To scoff at cynics
did I train my students?

Did I ever introduce my students
The wondrous world of books?
To enjoy the mastery of birds and mystery of buds
did I train my students?

When did I last promote the genuine ideas of my students?

To keep away from crowds and listen to themselves
did I instruct my students?

Would I tell my students
to choose right friends?

Heart and soul, two of our invaluable assets,
Are my students cherishing?

How many of my students have
The courage to be impatient
And the bravery to be patient?

Do they have faith in themselves
That leads them to faith in mankind and in God?

Yes, I am ready for this challenge.
Dear Lincoln, send your child to me.

Based on Lincoln's letter to his son's teacher

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