Friday, July 26, 2013


Poverty is a creation
It's a situation
It's an attitude

All poor are rich in poverty
All rich are poor in riches

Who am I?
A rich poor?
A poor rich?

The power of poverty,
God of all poverty,
Grant me enough!

Make me rich in poverty,
God of all riches!



  1. And poverty lessens our worries much;
    Account to God will be much easier;
    Poverty gives the saint a divine touch;
    In poverty, poets can fly higher!

  2. Joe, enormous buildings with WiFi stuff, galaxy cells and modern tabs, frequent coffees and yo-yo looks...
    Facing the waves in an ocean of luxury... you can't but drink rich salt water....
    So let's redefine POVERTY as RESPECT for God and men...that's it...Be Practical...!!!


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