Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Cross of Christ

Open Air Granite Cross at the CMI Monastery, Elthuruth, Kerala
The Cross of Christ is the way of life.
Cross of life is the Way of Christ.
The way of life is the Cross of Christ.
The Cross of Christ saves your life.

When deeds cross with the laws of the world,
You are nailed on the cross.
Nailed on the Cross,
Your laws are not of the world.

The Cross is the way to Christ.
The Cross is the way of Christ.
The Cross is the way to heaven.
The Cross is the way of heaven.

It is the only way,
Between heaven and world.
When on the cross, you are raised from world.
If you want to be raised from the world,
Be on the Cross.
On the cross, you are condemned by the world.
If you want to be pleased by God,
Be on the Cross.

Cross was for the trouble makers.
But the Cross solves all the troubles.
Cross was for humiliation.
But the Cross annihilates all humiliation.

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  1. Joe, In the tempest of love...The cross becomes weightless...We all fly happily with our cross...It is the Kingdom of God


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